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Practical training modules

Do you like product variety, services and technical support? Do you like dealing with customers? If you like any of these things then you will find a practical training module which exactly matches what you are looking for.

Practical training

It's well worth trying

We offer ...

Practical training at Böllhoff

you the opportunity to see what a job is really like in practice. You can do your practical training or your term out in in-service training in one of the technical or sales departments of the Böllhoff Group. You'll find something that matches your studies.

Project work

Teamwork – with a big 'T'

We offer ...

Working group

you and your project team the opportunity to put your technical expertise to the test. If your technical project has anything to do with fastener and assembly technology you'll get plenty of opportunity to put your ideas into practice. Teamwork at Böllhoff gets priority.

You have ...

… reached the final part or your studies and have a clear idea about the project topics you would like to follow at Böllhoff. You team is complete and team members know you have practical experience. You've got good course marks in the relevant subjects, too. You should apply in writing at least three months before work starts on the project. You should have an excellent technical background.

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Working student / Holiday job

Lend a hand and join in

We offer ...


you a real opportunity to lend a hand and join in. As a working student or as a holiday worker you can help our product manager, work in one of our production departments or help out with packing and unpacking in the logistics department. These are just a few of the opportunities.

You have ...

… enthusiasm and want to make a direct contribution to our success. If you are enrolled as a student you can start with us as a working student in an area that matches your studies. If you just want to earn some holiday money, we have the holiday job for you.

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Final examination project

Facts – Black on white

We offer ...

Blue Pages

interesting topics from the world of fastening technology which you can use for your final examination projects. You develop ideas, make hypotheses and test them out. In brief, you collect facts and confirm them in black and white on paper. You confirm that you know how to bring theory and practice together.

You have ...

… nearly reached the end of your studies and find one of our topics particularly interesting. You might also have a subject that interests us. Your application to collaborate together with Böllhoff should reach us at least three months before the planned start date of your final examination project. You should be about to successfully complete your studies and show a special interest in technology and technical subjects.

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Dual study

ECOSIT – ECOnomic Study In Time

Performance over time

Dual study

We have more to offer our customers than just screws; we also offer our knowledge of and experience in connection technology, throughout the value-creation chain. This also includes our logistical service skills, in the form of ECOSIT® – ECOnomic Supply In Time! For our customers this means maximum performance in the minimum time.

Knowledge over time…

If you favour the very close connection between study and business, and would like to obtain the maximum knowledge in the minimum time, then we also offer ECOSIT – ECOnomic Study In Time. Once you have chosen a recognised university, we provide the practical stages for various dual study courses and are thus part of the efficient link between you, the economy and the universities – Joining together!

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Direct entry

Joining the team

Joining together ...

Group of people

World-wide leading manufacturers are producing innovative, top quality products. If fastening technology is involved in any way these manufacturers will come to us. We offer technical expertise and experience as a leading innovator in everything to do with fastener technology. If you are highly qualified, want to cover the whole spectrum of fastener technology and want to help these leading players improve their products, then you have come to the right place.
You'll be developing and supplying fasteners to our customers for the products of tomorrow.

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