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We develop the future together with you.

As an internationally acting system provider we are your partner for the fastening and installation technology in the aerospace industry.


The aerospace industry has to face a lot of new challenges.
At the moment the forecasts talk of a strong increase in the number of passengers and the aircraft fleet. Thanks to the high oil prices, however, many aviation companies are in economic difficulties, and the public discusses air traffic critically. The industry has to face the demands for consumption-effective airplanes. For example new composite materials or modern power plant technology play an important role.

The fastening and installation technology has to rise to the challenge of developing new solutions for the technologies of tomorrow.

- your aviation expert for fastening technology.

Airplane production

Airplane production


Your requirements - our products

We offer proven technologies in combination with technical know-how for the solutions of tomorrow.

  • HELICOIL® plus threaded inserts

    Strong thread?

    HELICOIL® thread inserts for thread reinforcement in metals and composite materials

    HELICOIL® in detail
  • QUICKLOC® Quick-release fasteners

    Locking quickly?

    QUICKLOC® clamping, rotating and pressure locks for quick, repeatedly releasable joints

    QUICKLOC® in detail

    Easy adhesion?

    ONSERT® quick adhesion of fasteners without loss of performance

    ONSERT® in detail

    Decoupling vibrations and noise?

    SNAPLOC® and RIVKLE® Elastic fasteners and fastening systems for decoupling vibrations and noise

    Decoupling of vibration and noise
  • RIVKLE® aero

    Creating threads on thin-walled components?

    RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs for stable threads

    RIVKLE® in detail

Supply chain

Aerospace – Supply chain

We offer solutions for every part of your supply chain.

  • Meeting


    • Application engineering
    • Prototyping
    Application engineering
  • EN 9100:2009


    Certified laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 for testing physical and mechanical characteristics of fasteners

    Certified testing laboratory
  • 100% control


    • Manufacturing of 100 % controlled fasteners
    • Mould construction
    • Certified according to EN 9100
  • Meeting


    Installation equipment for manual or automatic assembly

    Assembly systems
  • High rack storage area


    Sophisticated logistics system

    C-parts management

Supply systems

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